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My philosophy

see. feel. touch...

Wake up and see what’s around you. Feel it.
I believe it’s easy for people to love and see the beauty all around them, all they have to do is let themselves. Our dreams are the most precious stones and no one can take them away. And what is living? Our passions, our dreams, our strengths, our weaknesses.? Is falling into something bitterly soft, full of passion, right or wrong? Our lives today are often too busy and too cosy to allow emotion in. Do we live by rules, traditions, or trends?

The perfect storms that we secretly dream of, and always too afraid to face if they come. Maybe, it’s an invisible pattern of something incredibly sensitive, soft and clear, that you never allowed yourself to experience so deeply? We could live in the world to the point of transforming it into something completely different, something whole and genuine, if we would ever dare to.

How do you define beauty? Is art for you a pile of cigarette tips and empty beer cans, or is it covered in gold and encrusted in diamonds? My paintings are about life…life as I see it, life as I feel it. Raw emotions and basic elements like water, air and sun. A pure vision and reflection of everyday life…

Life as I see it - Nature in all its’ beauty. I am trying to capture the rare moments that often go unnoticed…the mystery of rain, the glory of a rainbow, the true passion of life’s colours.

Life as I feel it - The heart racing, brains inflamed, blood coarsing through your veins. Call it life, call it love. As long as we live and strive for more. We should live for moments like this. Sharp, short, vivacious.

I’m pleased to welcome you to my world. See and feel. Transform the monochrome of routine with true colours of passion. Try, dare, see, feel, love.

I was born in April 1981 in Ukraine, in a heavily industrial district in the west of the country. The country was going through perestroika and the collapse of Soviet Union. My father in quickly became an outcast after being the leader of the communist party and at 15, I had to learn a new history of the whole world at school, rewritten by a brand new government and try to adjust to a completely different new life.

I started sketching at the age of 11, but it was never encouraged in my family. Luckily, I kept all of my sketches and water-colours and I continued to paint throughout all those years, and now I am ready to share my first collection of paintings with the outside world.

I want people to discover and see the beauty and passion of nature present in our everyday lives, to appreciate it and try to preserve it, because I feel our society is loosing it. We are loosing our world – we are loosing the planet. Overwhelmed by consumerism, recession, poverty, pollution. Maybe in 50 years a rainbow will only be an encyclopaedia entry, and your grandchildren will ask you if you really saw one...how sad.

I want people to realise the beauty of nature and re-connect with it before it is too late. It’s up to us to protect the forests and oceans, to consume less, to feel the reality rather than fill our lives with all pretty things you can buy. Look around you, and feel how rich you are just by living on this beautiful planet that already gives you everything; the golden sunshine, the silver moonlight, the green meadows, the morning mist, the wind in your hair, cool drops of rain on your shoulders, fresh snowflakes melting on your face.

Welcome to my world.

see. feel. touch. love.

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