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A little bit about me...

I was born and grew up in Ukraine, ex Soviet Union; but moved to London many years ago, did my degree here and eventually stayed for good. My art is about life and meanings we can put into simple things around us, but we don’t usually. That’s why they go unnoticed or taken for granted unfortunately... We don’t need eyes, we need vision...
Some called my art decorative, others new-age abstract expressionistic...
I don’t know, who am I to brand something so intangible?. I’ll let you decide.
If you are interested in art work, whether exhibiting or buying, please feel free to get in touch or download the catalogue below. 10% of each sale is donated to the WWF.

The Colours of Life - Catalogue (5.4mb PDF file)

   E: art@larissaexalto.com
   T: 020 7970 4639
   M: 07912 509 600

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News & Updates

My first major event will take place late October 2010 in West London . Please check regularly for details, updates and invites on the events page.

Want a little bit more?

If you want to see more of work take a look at my sketches page. The philosophy behind my painting and my statement will explain more about my ideas and beliefs that I would like to share with people and this world through the prism of my paintings…

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